I'll go by Andy for internet purposes, its not my legal name quite yet, but give it another year or so and it will be. I live in the not so great state of Utah. I'm here to start the first of many arduous paths I'll be taking to become a Neurosurgeon. I frequent Southern California (home) a lot in order to avoid going crazy.

The initial goal of this blog was to bitch about the roommate I had when I first started college. Then it took a different direction once I was finding my sexuality and deciding to transition from female to male. It's taken another turn once again towards me just posting random shit I find interesting. Long story short, you will find various things on here that range from sexuality, identity, food and traveling. There may also be a few rants...

Feel free to ask me anything. I'm pretty open and always willing to meet new people.

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#dc #georgetown #dccupcakes #tlc  (at Georgetown Cupcake)

#dc #georgetown #dccupcakes #tlc (at Georgetown Cupcake)

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